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ComfyUI is a lightweight, flexible AI drawing tool using StableDiffusion, offering a sleek interface, efficient workflow, and customizable elements for enhanced image generation.

Quick Start of ComfyUI

With its efficient and stable diffusion process, it consistently delivers accurate and superior quality results. The most popular and powerful UI in the Stable Diffusion ecosystem.

  • Lightweight and Simple Interface: More streamlined and flexible than WebUI.
  • Efficient Workflow: Consumes fewer resources with faster rendering speeds.
  • Customizable Components: Breaks down workflows into rearrangeable elements for easy customization.
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Quick Start of Image
Quick Start of Image

Free vs Privilege

Free AI Apps Online

  • Totally free.
  • Launch without installation.
  • Basic extensions and models.
  • No persisted file storage.
  • Shared GPU, requires queuing when using.
No subscription all ready

MimicPC AI Apps Online

  • Dive into our service with an hour on us!
  • Over 20 AI apps ready to go, no setup hassle!
  • Tailor your upload options and models to your needs.
  • Enjoy high-speed GPU machines that ensure smooth app experience.
  • Start with 50GB of free storage, expandable up to 200GB.
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ComfyUI - Getting Started

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FAQ About ComfyUI