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We're glad you found us, we're the MimicPC team.
When AIGC was on fire last year, I realized that my friends and I weren't able to experience and use various AI apps very efficiently, we often got stuck with installing and deploying them, only to find out that after we solved all the problems, we also had a hard time using our GPUs smoothly. I tried to rent cloud GPUs, but the expensive price and unstable resources prevented me from using them with confidence. That's where the inspiration for MimicPC came from. We wanted to create an easy, simple, and unencumbered personal space for beginners to focus more on their creativity and the combination of various tools, rather than exhausting their enthusiasm in the preparation phase. For experienced and capable creators, we are also constantly prefabricating better applications into the space, greatly reducing the cost of use through smarter arithmetic and storage management. AIGC is supposed to be about getting more people on board with a lower barrier to entry, not a nuisance.
We founded MimicPC with the idea that everyone can use every tool in the AI era without a threshold, to achieve a kind of "AI equality", freeing you from replicating technology, and giving you more time to conceptualize your own ideas.
We welcome everyone to join us, and we want to do more than that.