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AI App Image SharingAI App Image Sharing
AI App Image Sharing
Easily share AI model configurations and workflows with our streamlined image sharing feature.
Launch Without Installation
Launch Without Installation
Start using Apps with a single click, no installation required for instant use.
20+ Pre-Deployment AI Apps
20+ Pre-Deployment AI Apps
Including Stable Diffusion Apps and more; no setup needed.
24/7 File Management
24/7 File Management
Access and manage AI models in anytime with cloud uploads and one-click deployment.
Performance Optimization
Performance Optimization
Adjust computing power for smooth APP performance, ensure efficiency.
Cloud-Based Settings
Cloud-Based Settings
Store and access APP settings in the cloud for enhanced security and work efficiency.

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We have prepared everything for you to run the AI Apps.

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Apps Selection
Choose from our pre-installed apps, skip complex installations.
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Set and Launch
Pick your preferred version and hardware, then launch with a single click.
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Ready to Execute
Wait 30 seconds ~ 2 minutes, and you're ready to use our online AI Apps!
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Discover Top AI Apps

We're always adding new AI Apps. Got a special request? Drop us a message on Discord.

Automatic1111 WebUI
Automatic1111 WebUI
Transform your AI image creation with Automatic1111 WebUI. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it simplifies running and managing AI models for image generation. With its efficient Stable Diffusion process, you can consistently achieve precise and high-quality results.
ComfyUI - Best AI drawing tool
An AI drawing tool powered by StableDiffusion. Its sleek interface and efficient workflow are complemented by versatile plugin support for enhanced image generation and creativity.
Fooocus - User-friendly image generation software
Fooocus is a user-friendly, open-source image generation software blending Stable Diffusion and Midjourney strengths. It offers high-quality text-to-image functionality with minimal manual adjustments. Ideal for users valuing a simplified interface centered on prompts and images over technical complexities.
FaceFusion - Next-gen face swapper
FaceFusion is a next-gen face swapper and enhancer delivering realistic, high-quality results. Powered by deep learning, it understands facial features, paired with efficient real-time rendering. Accurately tracking key facial points like eyes, nose, and mouth ensures seamless facial fusion.
Ollama WebUI - Extensible large-scale model dialogue
Ollama-WebUI is an extensible, feature-rich, and user-friendly interface for the Ollama project, designed to operate entirely offline. This self-hosted WebUI supports various large language model (LLM) runners, including Ollama and OpenAI-compatible APIs, providing a robust platform for natural language processing (NLP) and language model interactions.
Chatbot Ollama - Flexible and scalable chatbot framework
Chatbot Ollama is an open-source chat UI for Ollama. It is a flexible and scalable chatbot framework built with Python. Ollama Chatbot utilizes Flask, a lightweight web services framework that provides developers with an easy-to-use API interface to receive and respond to user inputs.
RVC - Advanced voice conversion system based on VITS
Retrieval-based Voice Conversion (RVC) is an advanced voice conversion system based on VITS, designed to provide a convenient and efficient voice transformation service.
Explore a wider range of fascinating and useful AI Apps
Explore a wider range of fascinating and useful AI Apps
Got a special request? Drop us a message
on Discord.

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E-commerce model Figure

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Logo Design

Automatic1111-Interior Design Image


Interior Design

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Graphic Design

Ollama WebUI-Story Creation Image

Ollama WebUI

Story Creation


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Hourly Plan
Advanced features with flexible hourly rates, starting at
0.49 / hr
Includes all features from the Free Plan
Enhanced GPU options for high-performance nees.
SDXL (1024*1024@20 Steps) from 8 sce
Large / Very Large batching size.
VRAM options: 16GB / 24GB
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49.00 / Year
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